Introducing the new and compact 8Pack Frame R8i elite-tier powerhouse PC, designed and built by legendary overclocker, ‘8Pack’. Engineered with only the finest hardware, complete with medical grade water cooling, and a wall-mounted Mini-ITX chassis, the 8Pack Frame R8i boasts exceptional performance and unique aesthetics. What more could you want? 

Next-Level Hardware:  

At the centre of this elite-tier system is an AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D processor, which features its own PBO2 overclock.  The combination of cutting-edge Zen 4 architecture, 144MB of intelligent 3D V-Cache, and the pre-configured overclock, make this CPU primed and ready for AAA gaming. Take advantage of enhanced efficiency and blisteringly fast speeds for superior performance in gaming, streaming, and content creation alike.  

All of this is boosted even further thanks to 32GB of DDR5 RAM which has been fine-tuned to reach speeds of up to 5600MHz. Enjoy virtually zero input lag or latency, for an optimised experience in both single- and multi-threaded tasks.

8Pack Frame R8i

To immerse you in all your favourite gaming worlds there is the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090. The combination of cutting-edge Ada Lovelace architecture and pre-configured GPU overclock will render your games in mind-blowing, hyper-realistic quality. Harness the powerful RT and Tensor cores to unlock support for a suite of intelligent features including AI DLSS 3.0 and Ray Tracing.  

Medical Grade Cooling:  

All this incredible hardware requires powerful cooling to match. The 8Pack Frame R8i has been crafted utilising premium-quality medical grade water cooling components from Nexalus. Consisting of a radiator and, a high-quality pump, plus a CPU and GPU block which has been fine-tuned with jet impingement, this thermal solution has been designed to deliver 25% more flow and pressure. Perfect for ensuring this small form factor (SFF) powerhouse remains cool and quiet, even under intensive heavy-duty loads.  

8Pack Frame R8i

Completing the custom water cooling loop is the unique curved hard tubing. Handcrafted, and available in a number of different finishes, including clear and black, this tubing connects all your vital components, ensuring the liquid coolant freely flows keeping temperatures down to a minimum.  

Unique Aesthetic: 

The highlight of the 8Pack Frame R8i is its custom-made Mini-ITX case, code named Frostbite from CSFG (Creative Solutions for Gamers). This completely open case delivers exceptional airflow to ensure your hardware performs at optimum temperatures, for a virtually silent gaming experience. Plus, its small form factor and ability to wall mount make the 8Pack Frame R8i the perfect choice for those looking to save on precious desk space and create a truly unique gaming set up.  

8Pack Frame R8i

The finishing touches to this PC are the custom-made radiator mount which sits the hardware at 90-degrees to the motherboard, along with the sleek black and silver hardware, for an additional stylish flair to your set up.

Take a Closer Look at the 8Pack Frame R8i 

8Pack Frame R8i
  • Custom CSFG Frostbite ITX Wall-Mounted PC case with machined aluminium radiator mount 
  • ASUS x670E Strix-I Gaming (Socket AM5) DDR5 Mini-ITX Motherboard 
  • AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D (Socket AM5) Processor with pre-configured PBO2 overclock 
  • Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB (2x3GB) DDR5 5600MHz Dual-Channel RAM Kit
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 with pre-configured overclock  
  • 750W SFX Power supply with braided cables  
  • 2TB WD SN850X NVMe SSD 
  • Full Nexalus 8Pack custom water cooling – consisting of a CPU and GPU block, pump, reservoir, radiator, and liquid coolant fluid in custom polished finishes  
  • Custom printed glass 
  • Custom matte black hard tubing  

The 8Pack Touch  

Each one of 8Pack elite-tier PCs has been expertly crafted with cherry-picked hardware to deliver exceptional performance, outstanding cooling, and stunning aesthetics that has been chosen by the legendary overclocker himself.  

Plus, thanks to his partnership with Overclockers UK, each system undergoes rigorous testing and quality control, to ensure it arrives to you game ready.  

Upgrade to the 8Pack Frame R8i  

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In the meantime, 8Pack sat down with Overclockers UK to go into a little more detail about eight amazing things about the Frame R8i. You can watch the full video below.