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8Pack Frame R8i

8Pack Frame R8i – Powerful Mini-ITX Gaming Performance

Introducing the new and compact 8Pack Frame R8i elite-tier powerhouse PC, designed and built by legendary overclocker, ‘8Pack’. Engineered with only the finest hardware, complete with medical grade water cooling, and a wall-mounted Mini-ITX chassis, the 8Pack Frame R8i boasts exceptional performance and unique aesthetics. What more could you want?  Next-Level Hardware:   At the centre of this elite-tier system is…

8Pack Comet MK2

Crank Your Gaming Up to Hyperspeed: Introducing the 8Pack Comet MK2 Gaming PC 

Inspired by the cosmos, the 8Pack Comet MK2 is an incredible powerhouse gaming PC created by legendary overclocker, Ian ‘8Pack’ Parry.   An extended version of the Meteoroid MK2, the 8Pack Comet MK2 is a stylish Micro-ATX PC with a sleek white and blue aesthetic. Utilising next-generation hardware and intelligent overclocking, the 8Pack Comet MK2 is packed with everything you need…